Friday, July 13, 2012


title: Pandemonium
author: Lauren Oliver
published: February 28th 2012
publisher: HarperTeen
series: Delirium, book 2 of 3

Do not read beyond this point if you do not want Delirium to be spoiled for you!

Synopsis from Goodreads:
I'm pushing aside the memory of my nightmare,pushing aside thoughts of Alex,pushing aside thoughts of Hana and my old school,push,push,push,like Raven taught me to do.The old life is dead.But the old Lena is dead too.I buried her.I left her beyond a fence,behind a wall of smoke and flame.
The cover: This cover adequately portrays the novel. There's an edge and wildness to it that is definitely Lena's new life. I like it, and it looks good with the second cover of Delirium, but I like Delirium's cover more.

My opinion: I most definitely have a book hangover! I was not disappointed with this sequel!

One of the best things about this book is that it did not feel, at all, like a repeat of the first novel. So often, I've read sequels that are basically the same things happening again and again. I understand that a series must be one cohesive story. But, too many sequels are just the same thing happening again in a slightly different way. This novel stands on its own. But, it is still definitely part of one cohesive story.
Lena grows significantly in this book. She adapts to her changing circumstances in drastic ways that show how different her life is becoming. She goes from living in a structured, secure world to an open and wild place. She has to deal with so many things all at once, and she handles it in a realistic way.

Another aspect of this novel that I just love is the way its told. There are no chapter numbers. It goes back and forth from "before" and "now" which, I think, is a very effective way to tell this particular part of Lena's epic journey. I can't imagine this story being told linearly. It just wouldn't work. The juxtaposition of her life and character just after her escape in Delirium ("before") and six months later when she's working for the Resistance ("after"), makes it that much more evident.

This book reminded me of The Host by Stephenie Meyer, but better.

I couldn't put Pandemonium down and am already desperate for the conclusion, Requiem, which is expected in February 2013, although Goodreads says March 5th.

Pandemonium gets 5 hearts.


  1. hahah! I knew it would happen. hahaha! I can't wait for Requiem.